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with Rich Aguilera

Houston Central - 9425 West Sam Houston Pkwy N, Houston, TX 77064

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Rich Aguilera, “The Mud Guy" from Guide Magazine, 3ABN Kids'Time, Passport to Adventure and The Creation Case will be presenting DINOSAURS! WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY? on Saturday, December 2nd at 7:00pm, at Houston Central SDA Church, 9425 West Sam Houston Pkwy N, Houston, TX.

He uses a giant screen, special effects, audience participation, lighting, 3D elements, prizes and surprises that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. To properly experience this event every person that attends will be given a pair of 3-D glasses for certain portions of the presentation.

Secular teachings says there is no Creator and that dinosaurs evolved over millions of years -- ideas that are completely contrary to what the Bible teaches. Young people today are bombarded from all directions with these anti-biblical teachings. Our goal for this event is to provide a fun way for kids and adults to explore the evidence in the Bible, nature and science that shows how dinosaurs fit into the Biblical world view.

NOTE: Infants/babies small enough to sit on parents lap are free.

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